Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sneak peak at Sweetie Fair book!

Here is a sneak peek at the Sweetie Fair book.

Printed and professionally bound, comes in a bright turquoise softbound spin.

Multi-colured versions of the tickets make up the front cover and back.

52 pages of the Sweetie Fair photos, recipes and instructions on how to make your own chocolate Blossom Pops and well as sugar Prop Lollies. 

Not to mention stockists on where to get your lolly making kits and equipment!

They will be sold along with the Prop Lolly packs at the 3D Design degree show this June!

Limited edition Sweetie Fair books at priced at £12 and Prop Lolly packs are £10!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sweetie Fair book

Almost done working on the Sweetie Fair book.

They'll be published in a limited batch, no more than 30. 

Contains recipes, lots of photos of all the stalls from the day and some great photos taken of everyone with their prop lollies at the photo booth!

Looking forward to showcasing it at the 3D Design degree show at Camberwell College of Arts this June. The video will be shown behind it and with the finished prop lolly packs.

Watch this space for the video, taking a bit longer to edit than originally thought but considering I have no film skills, I think its coming along quickly.

Already planning a future sweet event where visitors become more involved in the making of the food and taste becomes a true part of the show!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Candy Roulette!

My sweetie stand signs, two lolly versions and a two sweetie shapes that stood next to each table, labelling what stand was which.
Made it lovely and clear with the blackboard paint and pastel colours that also matched other decorations used in the room.

The candy roulette table!

Spoons and candy laid out in the tins next to the spinning wheel on the end.

Users spin the wheel which is all colour coded and what ever pointer lands in the
 colour they have to eat!

You can play individually or play with up to another 3 contestants, picking a colour on the base and the spinning the wheel. Worked well with 4 players, everyone wondering what flavour they've got and asking each other what flavours and tastes they chose.

The 6 flavours were - 
Red Ginger candy - fresh slices of ginger inside
Brown chocolate and cinnamon candy - ground cinnamon inside
Green lavender candy - lavender sugar and seeds inside
Black chilli candy - homegrown red chilli pieces hidden within the black colour
Orange candy - with grated orange zest inside
Pink Coconut and Clove - Desiccated coconut and ground cloves inside

My helper Leah, giving instructions to a curious looking participant. 

Participant about to pick a square candy off the spoon. The chilli candy she chose, she actually enjoyed! The only one that wanted more of the black chilli, a slightly gruesome looking sweet as you couldn't quite tell what was trapped inside! 

Find the golden Lolly!

Find the Golden Lolly stand.

Participants to the stand come and pick a chocolate blossom pop. The idea was that to win a prize, your pop needs to have a golden ticket inside. If you do then you win one of my blossom pop packs, a DIY chocolate kit to take home and make your very own blossom pops!

If you don't get a golden ticket, then you have a lovely vanilla white chocolate and milk chocolate lolly to nibble on instead!

Everybody's a winner!

Preparing the packs for the stand, had a mini assembly going. Adding the sticks, laminated recipe card and vacuum-formed plastic mould. All designed and produced by Hannah Woodcock and will be developed further as part of my final product design.

People opening their lollies, checking to see if they've won.
Some of them a little disappointed but the chocolate lolly more than made up for it!
Most people had a few turns before finding one but it worked out quite well as the packs and lollies lasted the whole 2 hours. Purposely made 12, but hid 11 golden tickets so that as precaution the stand didn't finish straight away and everyone could keep on guessing! 

My helper Stacey filling more lollies out for Rosie to come and have another go! She won a pack after this attempt!
Also made the packs 6 different coloured backgrounds that matched the colours on the stand and table cloth. It made them quite attractive in various pastel and bright shades, a factor I would like to incorporate when I am finalising the packaging designs.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Candy Floss machine!

Brought my candy floss machine along, to get people making wispy beards and moustaches for the lolly booth.

Lots of people came to have a go and either pop in their treat bags for later or just start eating straight away! Didn't seem to last long before everyone came back for more!

 Ollie the candy floss master, made a huge stick of candy floss before gobbling it down in one!

Some decided to take it one step further, attaching the floss to the face for the prop photo booth.
Looked rather sticky afterwards.

Phoebe preparing some candy floss sticks for the prop photo booth. Getting a crowd going looking at how she spins the candy floss, twirling around and building up the spun sugar strands.