Friday, 11 May 2012

Candy Roulette!

My sweetie stand signs, two lolly versions and a two sweetie shapes that stood next to each table, labelling what stand was which.
Made it lovely and clear with the blackboard paint and pastel colours that also matched other decorations used in the room.

The candy roulette table!

Spoons and candy laid out in the tins next to the spinning wheel on the end.

Users spin the wheel which is all colour coded and what ever pointer lands in the
 colour they have to eat!

You can play individually or play with up to another 3 contestants, picking a colour on the base and the spinning the wheel. Worked well with 4 players, everyone wondering what flavour they've got and asking each other what flavours and tastes they chose.

The 6 flavours were - 
Red Ginger candy - fresh slices of ginger inside
Brown chocolate and cinnamon candy - ground cinnamon inside
Green lavender candy - lavender sugar and seeds inside
Black chilli candy - homegrown red chilli pieces hidden within the black colour
Orange candy - with grated orange zest inside
Pink Coconut and Clove - Desiccated coconut and ground cloves inside

My helper Leah, giving instructions to a curious looking participant. 

Participant about to pick a square candy off the spoon. The chilli candy she chose, she actually enjoyed! The only one that wanted more of the black chilli, a slightly gruesome looking sweet as you couldn't quite tell what was trapped inside! 

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