Friday, 11 May 2012

Find the golden Lolly!

Find the Golden Lolly stand.

Participants to the stand come and pick a chocolate blossom pop. The idea was that to win a prize, your pop needs to have a golden ticket inside. If you do then you win one of my blossom pop packs, a DIY chocolate kit to take home and make your very own blossom pops!

If you don't get a golden ticket, then you have a lovely vanilla white chocolate and milk chocolate lolly to nibble on instead!

Everybody's a winner!

Preparing the packs for the stand, had a mini assembly going. Adding the sticks, laminated recipe card and vacuum-formed plastic mould. All designed and produced by Hannah Woodcock and will be developed further as part of my final product design.

People opening their lollies, checking to see if they've won.
Some of them a little disappointed but the chocolate lolly more than made up for it!
Most people had a few turns before finding one but it worked out quite well as the packs and lollies lasted the whole 2 hours. Purposely made 12, but hid 11 golden tickets so that as precaution the stand didn't finish straight away and everyone could keep on guessing! 

My helper Stacey filling more lollies out for Rosie to come and have another go! She won a pack after this attempt!
Also made the packs 6 different coloured backgrounds that matched the colours on the stand and table cloth. It made them quite attractive in various pastel and bright shades, a factor I would like to incorporate when I am finalising the packaging designs.

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